Hey guys! I’m Christie. 

I’m a North Carolina native, currently residing in Seattle, Washington.  I’m a proud mother of a miniature dachshund, coffee-addict (I take payment in Starbucks money), love the sunshine and scented candles. I’m a designer with a business degree so I do more than make things pretty. I work with business go-getters to showcase the heart of their brand and meet their business goals. I am also a visual-notetaker (find out what that means here). One of my side projects is a weekly planner, Plans+Things.


I’ve been doing freelance graphic design since 2012. I graduated from NC State and hold a Masters Degree in Global Innovation Management (Jenkins School of Business). My past experience includes Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer at Centerline Digital and Account Coordinator at Crossroads PR & Marketing.

Since starting Christie Montague Design in January 2016 I have worked with a variety of clients from creative bloggers, technology companies and non-profits. This has allowed me to gain insight into how I can most effectively help with the design needs in those industries.


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